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Social Media Policy

Policy statement
This policy is intended to ensure Club members make appropriate decisions about the use of social media such as social networking websites, podcasts, forums, message boards, or comments on web-articles, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

This policy outlines the standards we require our Club to observe when using social media, the circumstances in which we will monitor your use of social media and the action we will take in respect of breaches of this policy. This policy supplements the Clubs Disciplinary Policy.

Who is covered by the Policy
This policy covers all individuals working at all levels, including Directors, Club Officials, players, managers/ coaches, parents and volunteers.

The scope of the policy
All members are expected to comply with this policy at all times to protect the privacy, confidentiality, and interests of our Club and our sponsors. Breach of this policy may be dealt with under our Code of Conduct and, in serious cases, may be treated as misconduct leading to a formation of a Discipline Committee and actions such as Club suspensions/ ground bans.

Responsibility for implementation of the policy
The Directors have overall responsibility for the effective operation of this policy. The Club Secretary and Head of Development Centre are responsible for monitoring on a day to day basis and will review the operation of this policy and making recommendations for changes to the Board of Directors.

All Directors, Club Officials, managers/ coaches, players, parents and volunteers are responsible for their own compliance with this policy and for ensuring that it is consistently applied. They should ensure that they take the time to read and understand it. Any breach of this policy should be reported to the Club Secretary or the Head of Development Centre.

Using social media sites in our name
Only the club’s appointed person and/or designated person is/are permitted to post material on a social media website and web site in our name and on the Clubs behalf. Any breach of this restriction will amount to misconduct.

Monitoring use of social media websites
All members of Hayes & Yeading Utd FC should be aware that any use of social media websites will be monitored and, where breaches of this policy are found, action may be taken under the Clubs Disciplinary Policy. Uploading, forwarding or posting a link in regards to Hayes & Yeading Utd FC to any of the following types of material on a social media website, whether in a professional or personal capacity, will amount to misconduct.

(1) pornographic material (that is, writing, pictures, films and video clips of a sexually explicit or arousing nature);

(2) a false and defamatory statement about any person within the Club;

(3) material which is offensive, obscene, criminal discriminatory, derogatory or may cause embarrassment to the Club, directors, Officials, managers/ coaches, players, parents or volunteers.

(4) confidential information about the Club or any person associated with the club who has not given express authority to disseminate

(5) any other statement which is likely to create any liability

(6) material in breach of copyright or other intellectual property rights, or which invades the privacy of any person.

Any such action will be addressed under the Disciplinary Policy. Where evidence of misuse is found we may undertake a detailed investigation in accordance with our Disciplinary Policy involving the examination and disclosure of monitoring records to those nominated to undertake the investigation and any witnesses involved in the investigation. If necessary such information may be handed to the police in connection with a criminal investigation.

If you notice any use of social media by other members of the Board of Directors, Club Officials, players, managers/coaches, parents or volunteers in breach of this policy please report it to the Club Secretary or the Head of Development Centre.

Monitoring and review of this policy

This Code is fully supported by the Board of Directors at Hayes & Yeading Utd FC who is responsible for its implementation and regular review.


The Board, written June 2017, reviewed June 2018. Next review December 2018

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